Established in 2015, BARIRA fitness studio is located in Etobicoke. This Barre and Yoga studio offers a handful of workout programs that are suited for anyone's needs and demands. BARIRA fitness studio is a place that brings people together of all ages to improve and enhance not only their health and physique, but also their lifestyle through Yoga, Barre and Creative Movement. As a studio, we strive to influence and encourage people to realize the importance of recharging the overworked minds and refuelling their energy through physical exercise. This is the root of our motto- Recharge Your Mind, Love Your Body. BARIRA Studio's journey started as a private group of experienced certified instructors, that got together to share their exercising skills and ideas, as well as everyday lifestyle tips. From the very beginning the concept behind BARIRA was to create a community and environment where individuals will be able to share and exchange new tips and knowledge on health, fitness, diets, and spiritual journeys.

BARIRA Studio promotes it's philosophy of refreshing your mind and loving your body,
through a fusion of yoga, dance and barre.

BARIRA fitness studio| BARIRA yoga studio

All abilities, ages and sizes are welcome!

Private class / Semi Private

BARIRA STUDIO also offer one-on-one Private sessions or small groups of 2-3 people. Each session is customized for the individual.

Barre Movement Therapy

Unique program created just for you

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