Class Descriptions


BARIRA BARRE fitness classes are a fusion between Ballet, Yoga, Pilates and Dance. Barre classes are a unique form of physical activity that targets and enhances muscles that play the biggest role in your body. This energizing fitness class improves flexibility and strength, as well as your posture. BARIRA BARRE's challenging workout fatigues your muscles to complete exhaustion, followed by flexible stretching. This combination reshapes and elongates muscles to give long, lean, ballet-dancer -like look. This fast-pace, isometric movement workout, is a fat burner!  BARIRA STUDIO welcomes you to enhance and improve your physique and posture, and begin your journey to an athletic and energetic lifestyle.



BARIRA YOGA is the perfect exercise to enhance your physical and psychological state. The art of yoga increases your flexibility, as well as strengthens and sculpts your muscles all while improving your respiration, energy and vitality levels. Yoga also has the benefit of allowing you to recharge mentally and refine your cardio and circulatory health whilst completing physical activities. BARIRA STUDIO welcomes you to unlock your potential, and begin your journey to a balanced lifestyle.


Glow in the Dark Workout

BARIRA Glow in the Dark class offers a great opportunity for those looking to have fun and visual pleasure of lights while exercising. GLOW IN THE DARK WORKOUTS are Barre/Yoga fusion classes, adapted to ages as young as 14, and as mature as 60+, by incorporating neon and black lights, and colourful glowing elements into physical activities. This one of a kind setting, allows everyone to relax and ignite their soul, all while improving their physical and psychological state. BARIRA STUDIO is proud to welcome and cater to all generations, and to help them begin their journey towards a healthier, and more relaxed lifestyle.


Creative Movement

BARIRA CREATIVE MOVEMENT fitness classes are offered to people who are looking to have fun, all while dancing to choreography instructed by one of our professional choreographers. This class offers upbeat and energetic exercises based on dance and aerobics. This fusion of movement focuses on strengthening your core muscles, and improving your coordination and flexibility. BARIRA STUDIO welcomes you to showcase your creative side, whilst refining your health and physique through the movement of dance.


Barre Instructor

Ira Barba, Founder of BARIRA Studio, is a certified Pilates and Booty Barre instructor. She holds a Masters of Sport Qualification in rhythmic gymnastics, and is a trained instructor in Ballet (Vaganova method) and Folk Dance. Her past experience includes various group dance choreography management, and more recently she worked as a professional dance instructor at The Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance. Today she is the founder and director of Barira Light and Glow Workout Studio. Ira was fascinated by gymnastics, dance and movement from a very young age. Following Olympians and the careers of great dancers, she spent much of her childhood in competitive gymnastics. Her inspirations lead her to become a choreographer and commit her adult life to dance and fitness. Teaching has always been her greatest passion, and when she decided to open her own studio she brought all her dreams to life. She prides herself on creating a unique workout that is fun, innovative and results oriented.
“I truly believe a workout should be the highlight of your day. It should always be both fun and motivating. What better way to achieve this than to invigorate your senses with good music, colourful glowing visuals and positive upbeat energy” - Ira

Yoga Instructor

Olga Dobroshtan is BARIBA STUDIO's yoga instructor, and is certified in the practice of Yoga. Her vast knowledge of Yoga, allows her to teach the most advanced and challenging forms of yoga, that can be catered to anyone's level. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you will be guaranteed to learn as well improve in the art of yoga. With her passion and love for Yoga, Olga Dobroshtan directs those qualities to each and every one of her classes, in order to guarantee an experience her clients will never forget.

Movement Instructor

Tetiana Shmagun is BARIRA STUDIO's creative movement instructor, who incorporates her extensive knowledge and broad experience into her classes to provide the most effective and efficient workouts for her clientele. Tetiana is a certified instructor in ballet and dance, and has provided her services in a variety of countries, whether it was with the National Academy of Opera and Ballet in Kiev, or being the director and choreographer for various contracts and dance companies throughout the world. Tetiana's abundant experience in choreography and dance allows herself to produce one of the most concrete and advanced classes, that her clients will appreciate.

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