Fitness for Adults 60+

BARIRA Studio supports the philosophy that it is never too late to embark on a journey towards a brighter future, and healthier lifestyle. As a company we seek to accommodate anyone of any age. Located in Mississauga, BARIRA Studio has specifically constructed a fitness program dedicated to adults aged 60 and up. This fitness program for older adults is consisted of a variety of physical activities involving yoga, barre, and breathing and meditating techniques.

Our customized program, specifically designed for adults aged 60 and up, is curated to motivate the older generation towards becoming more active and living a lifestyle that will further better their future. BARIRA Studio seeks to improve stamina, motion in joints and muscles, muscle strength, and mobility throughout a series of movements taken from Yoga and Barre. We also seek to teach our clients how to create a calming environment around themselves through breathing and meditating exercises, to ensure that whenever a stressful situation arises they're able to handle it.

It is obvious that over the years, older adults are most likely unable to retain their physical strength, and health from a few years ago and are in much need of a rejuvenating fitness class. As a company we have recognized the lack of specialized fitness classes for the older population, and have decided to create this unique fusion of classes to be able to assist anyone at our studio. We invite you to join our growing family, and part take on a quest towards a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle

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