Fitness Program for Kids in Mississauga

BARIRA Studio not only offers classes for adults and seniors, but have also curated a program specifically designed for the yonger generation. BARIRA KIDS is a Fitness Program offered at the Mississauga location, where the class is consisted of a combination of three active and revitalizing athletic activities, being Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

This unique fusion of active and fun physical activities is specifically designed for kids enjoy and improve their health and stamina. BARIRA Studio welcomes anyone to this class, whether they're already enrolled in other physical activities, or are looking to enroll into one to further better their future, by staying active and living a healthy lifestyle.

This fusion of different types of exercises and practices is beneficial towards your child's health and day to day life in many different ways. It will increase your child's flexibility, develop muscle strength, improve stamina, and ensure a better posture. Furthermore, with all these different forms of exercises and techniques, we guide your child to improving their breathing, rhythm, and movement.
BARIRA Studio acts as a guide that seeks to improve everyone's lifestyles, by working out and sharing helpful tips in a peaceful and healthy environment. As a company we welcome you and your children onto this rejuvenating journey.

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